How to be Patient

How to be Patient

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We always hear people telling us that patience is a virtue. Which makes impatient people wonder, what are the other virtues?

Kidding aside, we all need a lesson or two in knowing how to keep our cool. Not everything is handed instantly to us, especially if we’re waiting for the bigger things in life.

Impatience affects not only us but the people around us.

When we’re stuck in traffic and we keep yelling for the car in front to move the inch and we honk like there’s no tomorrow, we’re not only stressing ourselves but also the drivers of the other cars who are stuck there with us. Traffic will move along faster with our temper.

Or when we’re waiting for a report that was due 10 minutes ago and it’s still not on our desk, will shouting at the person make them go faster? Not really.

Being impatient does nothing for no one, which is why we need some of these techniques to help us see the light.

1. Find the root of the problem

If you find that you’re impatient about a lot of things—traffic, ordering at a restaurant, waiting for your food, waiting in line—you might want to step back and try to find if there’s a root cause for your impatience or irritability.

Think about the last time you felt this way, then ask yourself what caused it. If you think you might not get an honest estimation if you do it yourself, try to ask your closest friends and family about what they’ve observed ticks you off.

Just remember to take their answers in stride.

Once you know what triggers it, then you can find a solution.

Which brings us to…

2. Avoid the triggers

Sometimes there are simple solutions to our problems or to the things that stress us.

For example, your impatience is triggered by being stuck in traffic when you are almost late to an appointment. The trick to avoiding this could simply be to leave a little bit earlier than you normally would so you don’t rush.

Another example, if you’re triggered by hunger, a.k.a. hanger as it’s been dubbed these days, you might want to always have some biscuits handy in your car, bag, or pocket.

Of course, it’s not always easy trying to avoid your triggers.

3. Breathe

When it’s not possible to avoid the triggers, you have no choice but to at least learn how to manage yourself when you’ve tripped.

For starters, learning to breathe properly will help you relax. By doing slow, deep breathing, you allow oxygen to enter your body, to travel to your organs, including your brain, which makes it function better, and deep breathing also slows down your heart rate.

4. Pretend

When you act cool and calm, you can actually be a little of both if you give it time, until you’re no longer pretending to be.

Speak more slowly, act like you’re okay, and the more you project this kind of persona in front of others, the more of it you’ll be.

5. Talk to yourself

Sometimes the only person who can comfort us is our own voice telling us the things we need to hear in order to get through a situation.

Calm yourself down when you feel provoked. Remind yourself that you’re above your emotions and that you are in control.

You need to actively tell yourself that being impatient will serve no purpose and that it will even hinder you from getting the results you want.

Decide against it.

6. Accept imperfection

Perfectionists tend to be more unforgiving of themselves and of others that’s why they’re easily wound up when there’s a snatch in the plan or a bump in the road.

You need to remind yourself that nothing and no one is perfect, even the most perfect plan you can think of.

Thinking that there’s such a thing puts unnecessary pressure on people and makes you more irritable to mistakes.

The more you’re able to accept that things can go wrong, the more flexible your frame of mind will be.

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