Finding a Serious Man: Married or Not?

If you find it hard to get the idea of your future relationship with him, asking directly about the future is good so you can be sure to marry him or not.

Finding a Serious Man: Married or Not?

Given that your age is not young anymore, you may not want wait too long to ask about your next future with the man whom you are closed to. Such a question even can make the man usually step away from you. So, how to differentiate serious relationship that is going serious and not?

A romantic relationship should have been able to answer the needs of both sides, instead of only for one side. As long as you relate it to your age, you will have a thought to marry as soon as possible. The question is, “Is it wise to make your age the only reason for you to marry? You need to look deeper into the quality of the relationship and your match with your partner. Even though you feel match with him, you and he need also to be prepared for the next level of relationship.

Your partner will keep the relationship if he feels comfortable with you on his side. He will also be able to enjoy the relationship. If you keep asking him to meet your needs only, he will feel uncomfortable. Usually, as you often experience, he will choose to end the relationship.

Marriage is not the ultimate goal of a relationship; otherwise, it is the beginning of your relationship. It will be a place for you to support and share each other. That is why it has to be prepared well. It must be a pity to miss the chance just because you are in a rush.

However, it is not false to ask and discuss about the future of your relationship to find out whether there is a plan to maintain the relationship until marriage or only to keep it as a friendship relationship. Ask it clearly and do not be afraid to hear the answer. You do not need to be sad if he chooses to step away from you. You will be able to lose your burden and you can take away your dependence upon him. You will have a chance to find a new partner and get a new freedom. One book that you need to read is His Secret Obsession.

When you are in a questionable condition because you are worried about the disparity of your relationship, you need to look deeper in your heart whether you really love him or not. Alternatively, if you want to get to the extended level and you are not sure about him, you had better ask him directly. Then you can be sure about your relationship. It is not a fault to end a relationship if you see no future in it.

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