9 Signs That He is The Right One for You

Finding the right partner is hard for some people. There are 9 signs that you can use to guide you in recognizing the right partner.

9 Signs That He is The Right One for You

Many of us try hard to find the right partner to accompany us for the rest of our life, but some decide to give up since they consider it something impossible. The following 9 signs will help you to decide whether he is the right one to be by your side.

  1. Similarities in Common
    To build a relationship, it is very important to have some similarities in common, because everything will be easier if two persons both love something. In fact, it will be hard for a couple to maintain the relationship if both have the few similarities in common.
  2. Talking The Future
    In the early stage of a relationship, maybe it is hard to talk about the future. However, if both of you feel comfortable discussing about future, maybe it is the sign that he/she is the right one for you. The case is different if one side does not have an interest in talking about the future.
  3. Friends
    It will be hard if our friends do not accept our partner or vice versa. In fact, it is the hardest test that both sides give to our relationship.
  4. Talking About “Us”
    When you and your partner are talking about a plan, it must be hard to combine two ideas. However, if your partner begins to involve “us” in the discussion, it is a sign that the relationship will go to something more serious.
  5. Family
    It is not easy to find a partner that can mingle well and does not worry about the family. On the other hand, if he wants to have a serious relationship, he will introduce you to his family. If that happens, your relationship is going to something more serious.
  6. Consistency
    Someone who is not consistent in a relationship will easily change a partner even though he has a partner right now. However, if he is consistent in maintaining a serious relationship, then he will take a good care of you to a reach a definite objective, namely, to get a happy future with you. Read also “Finding the Serious Man: Married or Not?
  7. Showing A New Thing
    Usually, a partner will show you what he usually does or what he likes. This is a kind of self-introduction to find the similarity with you.
  8. Being Ordinary is Fun
    It may sound strange if a couple spends time together and does nothing. However, the case is different for a couple that has mutual attraction from the beginning; even only sitting and talking lightly without doing anything can be a great thing. This can be a sign that they have a bond of love from their heart.
  9. Easy reconciliation
    When having a little quarrel in a relationship, it would be great if the couple can solve it fast. If it goes for a long time, it is a sign that the relationship is in trouble because having a long quarrel is not good for them. The right partner will say sorry and have a reconciliation faster.

It cannot be guaranteed that all those 9 signs work for everyone, but at least, you can use them as guidance to find the right partner.

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